About Us

Who we are

MediRoots (Pty) Ltd is a black woman youth owned entity, specialising in the manufacturing of herbal remedies of the finest quality, treating all root causes using root cures.

Our name gives reference to the natural medical properties in nature and her roots and emphasizes our holistic approach in treatment – healing both inside and out . We find purpose in exposing the abundance and affordability of Nature’s pharmacy.


What we do

With a keen understanding that “bad roots make for bad trees”,  no pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, colourants are used to ensure natural healing, naturally.

Our products are birthed in ancient herbal remedies from Africa and East Asia and range from creams and capsules, to tinctures and oils . MediRoots boasts of its ability to meet the specific needs of each client.

Servicing Sub-Saharan Africa, we are a part of the South African collective committed to promoting access to natural healing, organic medication and information about Earth’s healing gems.


Cell:  071 892 9513

Tel: +27 11 043 6900

Fax: +27 86 660 2792

Email: info@mediroots.co.za